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Grocery shopping service from The Help

  • Need help with the grocery shopping?
  • Prefer to buy from local shops you know but just can't get there?
  • Don't like online ordering?

Our shopping service is ideal for those who find grocery and food shopping a real issue, whether because of restricted mobility, the stress of driving and parking, or due to illness or recent surgery.

One of our helpful shoppers buys what you need - and exactly what you want. You give them a list, and they do the rest. In fact, they do all the things you would do; get the cuts of meat you like, the brands you enjoy, and even squeeze fruit to test for ripeness! So, they arrive back at your home with bags full of quality produce, and they'll even unpack it into your cupboards, fridge and freezer for you too.

If that sound just what you need, call us on 02392 987009, and book your shopping service errand runner today from The Help.

Personal grocery shopping verses online grocery shopping

Online grocery shopping is a great innovation - if you have a computer! And even if you do, ordering online can be a slow, laborious and sometimes frustrating process, as you have to search for the special offers. You also need to enter your credit card or debit card details online, and remember to save your order if you go and make a cup of tea or you're in danger of losing the whole thing!

When your online grocery shopping arrives, you'll find some items were not in stock, and unless you have specified otherwise, the supermarket software will 'suggest' a substitute which is nothing like what you wanted. Inevitably, you'll end up with a pile of plastic bags full of shopping on your kitchen floor (if the delivery man is allowed to come in), and nobody to help put things away.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! A personal shopper from The Help will make sure you get the items you need, and like and if they find a great bargain, they can ring you and see if you'd like it!

If you'd like someone to go shopping with you, see our Driving and Companionship pages for more details. Or call us on 02392 987009.



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